Movie Review: Fisherman’s Friends

There’s something incredibly ironic about sitting in a movie theatre with a raging cold waiting to see a movie called Fisherman’s Friends. It speaks volumes that I was soon so engrossed in the story that I completely forgot about my sore throat.

The action takes place in the gorgeous seaside Cornish village where a group of brash young London music executives are passing through on a stag weekend. As luck would have it their arrival coincides with a singalong from local group, the Fisherman’s Friends.

Realising an opportunity too good to miss, the leader of the London lads Troy (Noel Clarke) insists the singing group might just be the next best thing. Consequently he leaves Danny (Daniel Mays) behind challenging him to sign the group up.

Things start to take a turn however when Danny gets close to the townsfolk. It’s not long before he starts to reassess what’s been missing in his life.

Daniel Mays is perfect as the exhausted music exec and James Purefoy is a grumpy delight as Jim, the leader of the singing group. Fisherman’s Friends is a delightfully gentle, romantic comedy that reminds us about what’s important in life. Perhaps like me, you’ll leave feeling incredibly envious of the tight sense of community. It was also a delight watching the older men prove that no one ever really grows up. The story is even more wonderful knowing it’s based on a true story. Don’t miss it.

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