Movie Review: H Is For Happiness

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H Is For Happiness the movie, takes as simple idea to deliver a strong reminder about not knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives.

Movie Review: H Is For Happiness
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Everything you need to know about twelve year old Candice Phee is summed up by the fact she sits at the front of the class and has a trigger arm set on warp speed to answer any, make that all, questions. When unusual new boy Douglas Bensen (Welsey Patten) is assigned the empty seat next to her, things start to get complicated.

Candice lives with her parents Claire (Emma Booth) and Jim (Richard Roxburgh) who haven’t been happy for a long time. Some of the unrest is due to a business deal between her father and Rich Uncle Brian (Joel Jackson) that turned sour.

Movie Review: H Is For Happiness

One day her teacher Miss Bamford (Miriam Margolyes) assigns the class a task. Each student is given a letter of the alphabet to champion at the end of year concert. Candice is given the letter H. Her boundless optimistic personality sees her announce H is for Happiness, and she sets out to make her parents happy again.

Filmed in W.A., H Is For Happiness is a cute reflection on families, growing up and mental health. The movie delivers a reminder that we have no idea what’s really going on in the lives of other people.

Both child actors did a good job, particularly Patten. I look forward to seeing where his career takes him. The movie is a fun family movie. The message is delivered well, although the end falls away a little, being quickly wrapped up in a neat bow.

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