Movie Review: Judy and Punch

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Expectations were high for this movie which is not always a good thing. In this case the movie definitely matched the hype. Judy and Punch movie is such a treat for the senses. Dark, grime-ridden intriguingly clever tale. It’s a must see from me.

Thanks to Judy and Punch

Judy and Punch takes the stories most of us know well and cleverly peaks behind the curtain. There’s the couple, the baby, the dog, sausages, a hapless policeman and even a crocodile, but not like you’ve ever seen before.

From the minute we’re welcomed into the town of Seaside and find out it is nowhere near the sea we know we’re in for a wild ride. Add in some filthy citizens who believe ‘justice is a social experiment’. Anyone who doesn’t fit in quickly finds themselves on the wrong end of “happy stoning day”.

Punch (Damon Herriman) has returned home, his puppet shown having fallen short of the dizzy heights he’d anticipated. Instead, along with his much loved wife Judy (Mia Wasikowska), he is left to perform to the locals. Frustration, soon turns to drinking and other local temptations. Punch is not a happy man.

One day Judy has to run errands and since Punch has sworn that he won’t touch a drop, he’s left in charge of the household. What could possibly go wrong? If you’ve ever seen a Punch and Judy show you’ll have a very good idea.

Judy and Punch is as wonderfully wicked, dark exploration of love, lost dreams, acceptance, revenge and justice. All wrapped up in a message about not fearing our differences. Both actors were absolutely excellent but I have to give even more credit to the always dependable Herriman, who is fast becoming one of my favourite actors of this generation. Make sure you watch the credits, it’s a fascinating look back at what we considered entertainment, and children’s entertainment at that. The look on some of the children’s faces is priceless and troubling. Make sure you see this one.

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