I’ve been meaning to post about this movie review from the moment I saw it. Maudie is a gorgeous tale wonderfully told and brilliantly acted, which you really should try to see it before it leaves the screens.

Maudie is based on the true story of Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis who suffered from arthritis.

While Maud’s (Sally Hawkins) her remaining relatives have extremely low expectations of her, she has other ideas. Having had the family house sold from under her, she notices an advertisement at the local store. Fish peddler Everett Lewis  (Ethan Hawke) is looking for a live in cleaning lady.

Arriving at Everett’s house she is confronted by a tiny house the size of your average lounge room. Even more confronting though is Everett’s monosyllabic, introverted attitude.

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Undeterred she sets about cleaning the house and making herself indispensable, even though she hasn’t been given the job.

Art has always been a release for Maud and with Everett’s continuing lack of empathy she starts painting flowers on the walls. Soon Maud’s presence takes over the tiny house. It becomes a home.

One day, a client of Everett’s drops by to settle a bill and noticing the art on the walls she buys some of the cards Maud has decorated. So begins Maud’s art career, which soon takes off generating more income for the couple than Everett could ever dream of making.

As her career grows so too does her relationship with Everett. It’s a delightful slow burn as Everett gradually learns to open up and trust Maud.  After Maud convinces Everett to marry her all seems well until more tourists turn up to see Maud’s art and her health starts to deteriorate.

Maudie is a moving romantic drama, and a study in the low expectations of people with disabilities.

Sally Hawkins is delightful as Maud, managing to realistically convey the artists disability without turning it into a caricature. I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Ethan Hawke, but in this movie he plays Everett beautifully.

It’s not often a movie like this comes along and I can totally understand why it won so many awards. If I watching this at home it’d be a three tissue box, in the cinemas I recommend you just take one. Please don’t let this put you off, the tears are for the beauty of their relationship. Anyone interested in the tiny home movement will be delighted to see how Maud turns Everett’s tiny house into a home.

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