Movie Review: Military Wives

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If you liked The Full Monty and movie based on true stories of communities rallying together to overcome adversity, you’ll want to check out Military Wives. You’ll also want to see this movie if you like good acting and need something positive to focus on instead of all the current doom and gloom.

Thanks to Aimee Spinks

Military Wives is set in the fictional Flitcroft Barracks. The action starts when the husbands, and one wife, are deployed to Afghanistan.

Having lost her son in an earlier tour, straight laced Brigadier’s wife, Kate (Kristin Scott-Thomas) knows the women need something to occupy their thoughts. Consequently she arrives at one of their “coffee” mornings to provide guidance. But her idea of book clubs and educational groups don’t go down well, especially when told they have to be alcohol free gatherings.

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The more laid-back and well-liked informal group leader Lisa (Sharon Hogan) has other ideas. She constantly butts heads with Kate, to great comedic effect.

The group eventually settles on singing as an activity, but here the two women clash. With her shirt collar raised and perfectly clipped English tones, Kate has visions of a formal choir, just like school. Lisa, with a family history steeped in music, has other ideas.

As the choir morphs into a “singing group”, think karaoke over formal hymns, the true value of singing comes to light. The group soon comes to the attention of the top brass and the women ultimately find themselves invited to sing at the Royal Albert Hall.

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I was fortunate to watch this movie on a night when one of the 74 real life military wives choirs performed. Watching the small group of women quietly singing really put the film into perspective. 

There will be tears, however the director cleverly moves the story along so you aren’t left in a complete puddle of tears. The music will stir your heart particularly the final song. The comedy is highly recognisable for anyone whose ever been part of a community group or has a transient working partner.

Director Peter Cattaneo has created another heart warmer just as he did with Full Monty. Thanks to all the military wives out there who have to live with such uncertainty. A perfectly timed pick me up to warm the soul. Here’s hoping Scott-Thomas and Hogan get to work together again.

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