Movie Review: Pig

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It takes a lot to get me into a cinema when there’s a sunny spring afternoon outside so Pig, a movie about a reclusive chef turned truffle hunter searching for his stolen pig, was up against it. I’m pleased to say it was well worth being inside for, in large part due to the restrained performance by Nicholas Cage.

Movie Review: Pig
Pig and Nicholas Cage

Opening in the Oregonian wilderness we meet truffle hunter Robin Feld (Nicholas Cage). Life is simple, idyllic even, Feld has been living in his shack for fifteen years, with no hot water but he does have a faithful pig.

Feld and his pig spend their time foraging for truffles, which get picked up once a week by the young brash Amir (Alex Wolff).


Amir seems to be the only person who knows of Feld’s whereabouts and yet one night he is awoken to car lights and two thieves who violently kidnap Pig, leaving Feld bloodied on the floor. His loss extends far beyond Pig just being a truffle finder, he is a companion to the grieving Feld. There is only one thing to do.

When Amir next appears Feld sequesters him for a trip back to Portland city. The quest is a simple one, “I want my pig”, announces Feld.

The trip introduces us to several hidden sides of restaurant life, including a hidden fight club.

Pig, the movie is an exploration of grief, father-son relationships, meals that stay with you forever, the importance animals play in our lives and what really constitutes success.

“We get very little to care about, what do we really care about, follow that. “


I was surprised how much this seemingly simple movie affected me. Nicolas Cage delivers an excellently controlled considered performance with sparse dialogue. He’s simply a man who wants his pig back. Amir’s interest in classical music, was an interesting device to suggest that there was more to him than first thought. The movie with have you thinking about those meals that stay with you for years.

Rating 4.5/5

For more information go to Luna cinema. Starts September 16th.

There’s a special event on September 19th, with Truffle flavoured treats.

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