Movie Review: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

There’s a line in this movie that is so perfectly placed and perfectly sums up my experience. It’s when the lead character turns and asks “there’s a plot?”.  The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is another movie from Terry Gilliam that asks you to strap in and go along for the ride.

A movie within a movie, within a dream, within well …  you decide.

The movie focuses on Adam Driver, an idealistic filmmaker turned cynical advertising hack.

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We first encounter Driver making a version of Don Quixote in a harsh desert setting. The smattering of props convey that we’re on the inside of the movie magic, but that things are not going to plan. There’s Drivers’ leading man (the delightful Jonathan Pryce) for starters. Try as he might Driver cannot get the ex-shoemaker turned actor to deliver the required thrust and parry.

Things take a turn however when the actor suddenly decides he is actually Don Quixote and Driver his loyal sidekick.

The pair take off on a comedic adventure that is pure, vintage Gilliam. The eternal struggle between dreams and reality, idealism and cynicism, play as a fitting analogy for the film’s very existence.

Monty Python lovers will enjoy the countless nods to the past, whether intentional or not … an oversized head and hand instead of a foot.

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Pryce continues to draw your attention. Watching his delusion is wonderful. This alone is worth the ticket price.

Through all the chaos there are some wonderful poignant moments. These help to ground the confusion and make it all worthwhile.

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Starts April 11.

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