Ever wondered what the classic tale of Oliver Twist would look like today? Wonder no more. The latest twist on the classic story has been presented in a movie called … Twist (see what I did there), now with added Michael Caine.

Movie Review: Twist

We all know the story of Oliver Twist, a young orphan who gets taken into a gang of street thieves. The latest rendition has been given a 2021 twist, the first of many twists in the movie.

Oliver, this time known as Twist (Raff Law), is a talented artist who spends his days creating stunning large-scale street art. When not spray painting the town he’s running from the police, or to be more accurate, running, jumping, turning, twisting over rooftops giving the audience a tutorial in parkour.


One day, while hiding on a roof top, he meets a gang of grifters led by the charismatic Dodge (Rita Ora).

Dodge takes the young artist back to their “home”, where he meets more members of the street family. Amongst them is patriarch Fagin (Michael Caine). Fagin dishes out life lessons such as …

“Ideals are useless, they’re like appendix, cut them out”.

Over a family meal, that sees gruel replaced with spaghetti, a heist is planned. The young group is tasked with stealing a priceless painting currently in the possession of Dr Losberne (David Walliams), an old rival of Fagin.

But just as the heist is coming together, Fagin gets a timely reminder from his psychopathic business partner, Sikes, this time round played as a female character (Lena Headey).

The movie is a cool reimagining of the classic tale, to say much more would give the remaining twists away. The use of street art and parkour were an interest “twist”, sorry. Rita Ora stood out, doing a good job as Dodge, Walliams was a delight, and it’s always nice to see Michael Caine. Throughout the movie I was a tad distracted, wondering who the lead looked like. I eventually settled on a young Justin Timberlake. Turns out he is the son of Jude Law. I must admit that the lack of street grim and grit was a tad disconcerting. The movie includes the best use of a food delivery service.


Rating: 5/10

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