Must See: Black Diamond Lake in Collie

Have you witnessed the stunning blue waters of Black Diamond Lake?

Situated only 2 hours drive from Perth – Black Diamond Lake is located 5km west of the coal mining town of Collie.

Best experienced on a clear, sunny day as the lake sparkles and radiates a magnificent blue colour, making it some of the bluest water you will ever see.

Black Diamond Lake swimming
Source: Instagram @_davidgold_

Black Diamond lake is perfect for a dip, SUP, canoeing and kayaking. The lake has also become extremely popular with visitors bringing inflatable floats, because who wouldn’t want to simply lay back and enjoy the beauty of the lake and its surroundings?

While camping isn’t allowed at the lake – for the best camping locations nearest to Black Diamond Lake visit our WA’s top swimming holes camping spots.

view of Black Diamond Lake
Source: Instagram @ddpatrascu

Please note there has been previous health warning at the lake Lake.

It is recommended that if you require more information please contact Collie Shire for more details.

How to get there?

Black Diamond Lake Location

Address: Ferguson Rd, Allanson 6225 (Directions)

Watch Now: Black Diamond Lake, Collie

A short video of Black Diamond Lake in Collie Western Australia.

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