My Hustle: Co-working Space at a Bar

The hardest thing about working for yourself is working by yourself.

There has been a recent boom of co-working spaces in Perth – but they all provide the same look and feel – cool funky and open planned office space, whcih don’t get me wrong isn’t bad at all.

But what if you could co-work in a place that is a little more social?

How about a bar!

Is coffee or beer better for creativity/productivity?

Why not have both?

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Co-working in a bar – what to expect

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My Hustle has recently launched turning their first location Percy Flint in South Fremantle into a co-working space by day.

My Hustle brings together local people doing incredible things, gives them a motivating place to work and access to relaxed meeting spaces and break out areas.

This is co-working with a difference:

  • Casual rates alongside customised plans to help combine co-working with your life
  • All day barista coffee and tea included for you and your guests + a cash bar
  • A local discounts program to help you and your business thrive

Most importantly are the network opportunities. My Hustle will help business owners to open a world of collaborations, referrals, inspiration and support to help you take your hustle to the next level.

For vendors its a great initiative – helping small bars obtain a new revenue stream on day trade which at times might be slow, whilst giving local punters a social place to co-work and network.

Day rates for individuals are $50, although customised packages are available.

To find out more or book your space visit myhustle.space.

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