Ryan Northover
Ryan is contributing editor of So Perth and co-founder of So Media Group.

Perth Artist Daek William completes crowning glory on new foodie joint – Graffiti

Food-truck concept inspired ‘Graffiti’ is set to roll up its window to the people of Perth on 4th October.

Serving up artisan coffee from West Australian supplier Blacklist, with gourmet-to-go eats straight
from the wood-fire grill, Graffiti is set to bring delicious food and quality coffee hits to the city centre.

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Well-known local Street Artist, Daek William, completed a mural today at Graffiti that highlights the
eatery in bright colours with interesting and detailed touches.

A continuation of his series of profilesand faces that he has carried across several spaces in Perth, the piece is imaginative and colourful and
brings to life the urban and alternative personality of Graffiti.

Graffiti opens on King Street (opposite His Majesty’s Theatre) Wednesday, October 4th. Follow the
journey on Instagram – @Graffiti_on_king | @Graffitionking (FB)