Sand dunes near Wylie Bay

Sand dunes at Wylie Bay
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Esperance may be known for its whitest of all sands however it also a land of towering sand dunes to rival Lancelin.

The sand dunes are located nearby Wylie Bay and only accessible by 4WD. Make a day of it by unleashing the inner daredevil by hopping on a sandboard or partake in a tour with Esperance Eco Discovery Tours to get wild along the dunes for that epic shot.

Esperance Stonehenge

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Esperance has a Stonehenge you may ask? Crazy enough, it does.


Yes we have own very Stonehenge right in our backyard with this exact to-scale replica (and complete) located just a 15-m inute drive outside of Esperance (if hoping on a plane to England sounds like too much effort!) 


This is the only life-size replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK and is modelled on what it would have looked like around 1950 BC. It is built with 137 stones of Esperance Pink Granite that were quarried less than a kilometre away. The place is a magical spot come winter and summer solstice in Esperance. For Summer Solstice (22nd December), the sun aligns with the Station Stones and beaming through to the altar stone. The same alignment appears in reverse for Winter Solstice (21st June) making it a special moment to capture for the gram’.

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