No Love For Speed Camera Operator Bogged In Landsdale

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Perth punters have fun with bogged speed camera operator.

Published on the Facebook page Perth WA Revenue Raisers Alert earlier today were photos of a Speed Camera Operator bogged.

At 11:40am the speed camera being set up on Alexander Drive northbound after Queensway Rd with the ute reportedly bogged to its diffs in the median strip.

It was then reported again an hour later that the speed camera, and bogged vehicle, were still present an hour later 12.45pm.

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Those who are after a good laugh should jump on the post to read the comments, as Perth punters have a field day showing no love or compansion for the bogged operator.

Isn’t it an offense to crossover like that. Needs to be booked.

Most joyful post of the day.

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Spin some more..?Dig deeper..

He he karma, now that’s one bogging not too many people would volunteer to assist ?

That’s a carton!

Do as I say not as I do.

View full post and comments at facebook.com.

Images via Perth WA Revenue Raisers Alert

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