Opening In Perth Late 2019: Mov’in Bed Outdoor Cinema

Turns out open air cinemas can go to another level with Mov’in Bed.

Perth seems to be the place for new cinema chains to open. Palace Cinemas has brought the flicks back to the city with style. Garden City and Karrinyup are undergoing renovations which will include brand new cinemas and now it’s reported that Mov’in Bed will be coming to Perth in late 2019.

What is Mov’in Bed?

Glad you asked! Mov’in Bed is the biggest outdoor bed cinema in the world…not sure how many there are in the world but it sounds impressive none the less.

Watch Mov’in Bed Trailer

Source: movinbed.com

Instead of just the standard picnic rug that ends up getting filthy and scrunched up paired with the bean bag that’s impossible to get in and out, Mov’in bed cinema has decided to up the outdoor cinema game.

Mov’in Bed brings in a whopping 150 queen size beds with LED-lit bedside tables, some comfy pillows and you even get a blankie in case it gets chilly.

While Mov’in Bed is based in Sydney it is reported they will be coming to Perth to open in October and November.

Source: @movinbed

It gets better with in bed delivery – Food, Wine and Cinema !

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The outdoor bed cinema also has a taste for gourmet goods with pop-up restaurants delivering your favourite food straight to your bed as well as wine, beer and the standard movie favourites – popcorn and candies !

Mov’in Bed Logistics

The beds can fit up to three people each, but if you’d prefer a more traditional outdoor movie experience you can BYO picnic rug and set yourself up on the grass in the designated picnic area.

To stay up to date on further Perth Mov’in Bed news visit movinbed.com.

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