‘Masks are totally beast’

One conspiracy theory we can all agree on is that Paul Rudd is some kind of non-aging super awesome human. So who better to be a spokesperson to provide some sound COVID-19 advice to the Karens of the world as the Paul Rudd viral video reaches out to fellow Millennials.

“Apparently a lot of COVID is transmitted by us Millennials,” Rudd said. “So Cuomo’s like, ‘You gotta help, what are you like 26?’ And I didn’t correct him.”


“So fam, let’s real talk. Masks? They’re totally beast!”

Watch: Paul Rudd Viral Video – Certified Young Person Paul Rudd Wants You To Wear A Mask

“Vibe check!”

With further references to Billie Eilish, talking on your iPhone, TikTok dancing and a series of “young person” phrases from the 1980s through to today – Paul Rudd has dropped the mic on wearing a mask.

Twitter: Certified young person Paul Rudd wants you to wear a mask. Listen up @NYGovCuomo

As of the time of writing this article the initial tweet from Andrew Cuomo has had nearly 50,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes.


Caring about other people, is the new not caring about other people.”

“Wear your mask. It’s science. Ugh!”

According to Google – Paul Rudd is 51 years old, born 6th of April 1969.

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