Perth Cable Car? – Proposal for attraction linking Kings Park to Elizabeth Quay

The CEO of the Tourism Council WA, said Perth needs to build a cable car to link Kings Park and Elizabeth Quay to boost local tourism.

Launching Tourism Council “WA’s Missing Pieces: Perth Cable Car” document, CEO Evan Hall said Perth needed a major new attraction to connect all the new Perth developments.

“What is missing is a signature attraction which will become the city’s must-do experience, encouraging more visitors to stay longer and spend more,” Hall said.

“A Perth Cable Car from Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park would increase the appeal of Perth as a destination.”

Analysis shows the Perth Cable Car could carry 648,000 riders each year and bring $30.5 million in new tourism spending to WA.


“Research shows that visitors to Australian capital cities who use tourist rides and man-made attractions, like cable cars, stay longer in their destination,” he said.

“This additional expenditure is a conservative estimate, as it only takes into consideration the additional expenditure from visitors extending their stay – there would also be further expenditure from new visitors who are drawn to Perth by this unique attraction.”

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Independent economic analysis by AECGroup showed the additional tourism expenditure generated by a Perth Cable Car would create approximately $39.2 million per year.

The current masterplan for Elizabeth Quay includes a site for a cable car connecting the quay to Kings Park.

Fast Facts – Perth Cable Car
• 648,000 riders per annum
• 50% WA, 30% international and 20% interstate riders
• $30.5 million new tourism spending in WA
• 341 new tourism jobs in WA
• $0.71 million new state taxation revenue
• No government funding, private investment only
• $60-$80 million construction cost
• Range of prices for locals and tourists
• Average price of $25 per ride


Cable cars are a popular attraction in many major destinations, like Hong Kong and Sydney.

Does Perth need a cable car? Or is our city beautiful enough to attract tourists to visit?

Download the report – suggesting a Perth Cable Car – Missing Pieces