Mark McGowan latest Perth COVID-19 update for Day 2 of the Perth Lockdown.

16,490 tests were conducted across the state and Western Australia has recorded 0 new cases of local COVID-19.

Further good news was also reported as there were no new international cases recorded in WA overnight.

Mr McGowan is proud of how Western Australians have responded so far.

“These are challenging times, no doubt about that.

“In times like these, Western Australians step up.

“I’ve never been more proud to be a West Australian or more proud of the way our community continues to respond to the challenges.”

To ensure the Western Australia community is kept safe, further investigations are underway to track down exactly how the case was transmitted.

In the meantime, an extra cautious cautious approach at is being taken at the facility, until it is discovered what exactly occurred.


As a result, no further overseas arrivals will be going into this quarantine facility at present.

SafeWA App

Mr McGowan again urged all West Australians to download and engage the SafeWA app.

“We urge West Australians to stay home when they can. But if you do visit any of these venues. It’s so vital that all West Australians download the app and check into these businesses, at all times, or fill out the written contact register and do it every time, including when picking up takeaway food, more than ever, it’s important.”

Extended COVID-19 clinic hours

Clinics in Perth will be open until 10pm for the duration of the lockdown.

For full list of locations visit

More to come.

Watch: WA’s COVID-19 update from Premier Mark McGowan and Health Minister Roger Cook.

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