One new case of COVID-19 was recorded in Perth over the weekend.

A weekend recap of Perth COVID-19 activity from the Department of Health has reported 1 new COVID-19 case confirmed on Sunday and 1 active case recovered on Sunday.

Western Australia now has 9 active cases within the state.

The new case is a returning traveller from overseas who is currently in hotel quarantine as well as all other active cases.

Western Australia now has a total of 652 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date with 634 recovered.


There are currently no active cases in hospital or ICU.

WA plays hard to get with AFL Grand Final pitch

The AFL are set to make their decision on when and where the AFL grand final will be held by the end of the week.

However, Mark McGowan isn’t bending over backwards to win the event – instead confirming his stance that the health of the public far outweighs the sporting event.

“We haven’t hunted it. We haven’t been desperate for it. We haven’t been pleading for it. We just said, these are the guidelines. These are the rules adhere to them like everyone, and the grand final can be held at the best Stadium in the country.” Mr McGowan said.


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Phase 5 update

Western Australia Phase 5 has been delayed and the tentative date is Saturday, October 24th.

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