7 Perth Family Friendly Walking Trails For Kids

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Little trails for the little legs.

Kids in need of some fresh air and exercise? Well, we’ve got a list of the best Perth family friendly walking trails for kids to get them out and about.

It is no secret that nature has so many benefits for the little ones in our lives, and swapping the TV remote for a stick and gumnut can be so good for developing creativity and resilience in children. So the question all parents, carers, and grandparents might be asking is, how do we convince them to adventure outside?

We see kids out on the trails every day and find that once they are out there, adventure, exploration, and make-believe take over, and the hardest part is done! To make your life a tad easier, we are sharing our favourite little trails for the little legs. 

If you are unsure about heading out on the trails alone, we recommend joining a company like The Hike Collective

, who run Kids Hiking Adventures in the school holidays, and child friendly hikes every weekend! 

Glenbrook Trail, John Forrest National Park 

Nestled in the heart of John Forrest National Park, the Glenbrook trail takes you around the Glenbrook dam.

This 2.2km loop will inspire creativity and play through the winding trails, rustic stairs, granite boulders, and magnificent array of seasonal flora. The recently built Chevron Nature Play at the start and finish point of this trail is also a great addition to your adventures in the Park, with giant wooden lizards, bridges, and logs to climb and discover.

Finish up with a picnic in a fairy village hut, or have a bbq on one of the nearby facilities. 

Swan View Tunnel on the Heritage Trail, John Forrest National Park 

Swan View Tunnel - Perth walking trails
Source: hikecollective.com.au

Not all of the Perth walking trails for kids are created equal as this one has a tunnel.


The Swan view tunnel is an iconic 260m long experience of ghostly proportions. Not for the faint of heart, this exhilarating hotspot can be accessed from both the main carpark in John Forrest National Park making for a 5km return hike, or from the Peachey Road carpark for a short and sweet 1.5km return hike.

Walk where the railway once carried picnickers and workers to and fro through the park. If the kids are up for a longer hike, combine the Swan View Tunnel with the Glenbrook Dam trail and enjoy an 8km journey through the Park.  

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