PERTH fireball – reports of meteor or space junk streaking over Perth.

Did you see it?

Thousands of people across Perth say they witnessed a massive fireball over the city tonight.

A bright streaking fireball was seen to the south-east of the city, around 7.50pm, according to reports on social media.

“We’ve got reports of a large #meteor flying over Perth,” Perth Observatory wrote.
“If you have any photos or videos please do send them to us,” Perth Observatory said on Twitter.

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“The phone has been non stop here. It sound like it was a pretty awesome fireball,” they said.

Resident in towns east of Perth, including York, said they heard what sounded like a sonic-boom around the time the shooting star was seen.

Image from Curtin Uni ‘Fireballs in Sky Sky’ camera in Northham.

Video: Richard Bailiff @BailiffRichard captured the incident on dashcam video. “I’ve got dash cam footage just quickly of the phone. Taking going up greenmount hill,” he tweeted.

Video: Richard Bailiff @BailiffRichard of August 28 2018 meteor over Perth.

“Massive fire ball/space junk/meteor falling in the Perth skies tonight…Scary!,” Sienna Smith said.

Did you see it? Report what you saw to “fireballs in the sky

Image: 2012 Geminids Meteor Shower by Roger Groom.

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