Mark McGowan will address the media at 1130 this morning on the status of Perth’s lockdown.

After the announcement last night, Perth could be coming out of the hard lockdown if there have been 0 new local cases of COVID-19 recorded overnight.

As of lat night 42,703 tests had been performed during the lockdown period.

If all goes to plan the hard lockdown on Perth, Peel region and the Southwest will be lifted.

From 6pm, Friday 5 February the following will come into effect:

  • Perth and Peel will enter into a post-lockdown transition period until 12.01am, Sunday 14 February. This allows the full 14-day incubation period to run its course
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  • South West will return straight to pre-lockdown conditions.

Some restrictions will still be in place for Perth and the Peel region as the lockdown is slowly lifted.

Post-lockdown COVID-19 Restrictions

If the full lockdown is lifted Perth and the Peel region will still have the following restrictions in place from 6pm tonight until 12:01am February 14th.

Post-lockdown restrictions
Source: MarkMcGowanMP

Some of the restrictions in place in for the Perth and Peel region are as follow:

  • Wearing a mask when in public and while at work, unless exempt or for vigorous outdoor exercise
  • All businesses can reopen, except for the casino and nightclubs
  • 4 square metre capacity rule in place for businesses and venues, up to a maximum of 150
  • 150-person capacity at all events including weddings, funerals and community sport
  • Seated service only at hospitality venues
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  • Dancing only permitted at weddings and dance studios
  • 20-person limit for private indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Visits to aged care and disability care facilities restricted to compassionate grounds
  • Residential school and boarding facilities can resume with a COVID Safety Plan
  • Only essential travel permitted in and out of the Perth and Peel regions to other parts of WA.

More to come as Mark McGowan addresses the media later this morning.

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Feature image: AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

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