Perth Look Up Tonight To Witness The Micro Moon

Move over Supermoon we now have a Micro Moon.

Friday the 13th will be a special night in the night sky as the Micro Moon to will be visible from Perth. It is what we call the Moon when it’s in its Full Moon or the New Moon phase and is at its greatest distance from the centre of the earth.

How far will the Micro Moon be away from the Earth

It’ll be an estimated 406,377km away from the centre of the Earth on Saturday the 14th of September, at 12:32 pm AWST. Making Friday night and Saturday night the perfect opportunity in Perth to witness the smaller moon.

On average the Moon’s orbit is 384,400km away from the centre of the Earth. The Moon was at its closest approach this year in February where it was at a distance of 356,761km away. Making it 49,616km difference in distance between the Supermoon and the Micro Moon.

What you can expect to see

Due to this distance from the Earth the moon will appear 7% smaller than a regular Full Moon and in addition, the illuminated area appears 30% smaller, so it might look a little less bright.

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