Perth to Paris Direct Flights Coming Soon

Perth to Paris Direct Flights Are Coming Soon

From the “City of Light” to the “City of Lights” – Fly Perth to Paris direct from 2018.

You’ll be able to fly Perth to Paris direct in 2018, with Qantas adding the route as part of it’s new, ultra-long range Boeing 787 Dreamline aircraft coming this year.

Aviation blog Airlineratings.com said insiders at Qantas were going to announce the new European continent to Australia direct router in the coming days.

From Paris to Perth – Direct Europe to Australia Flights Coming

From Perth to Paris, the City of Lights to the City of Light in one direct flight.

The second destination from Perth will be launched with the delivery of the second batch of four 236-seat Boeing 787-9s from the middle of next year,” editor Geoffrey Thomas reported.

The new flights direct from the European continent to Australia are a dream come true to aviation enthusiasts. The new Perth to Paris direct flight will also open up Perth and Western Australia as the gateway between Australia and Europe, with the flow-on result for the WA Tourism industry to be worth many billions over the coming years.

Tickets for the London to Perth direct route went online last week, with the price starting from $2,270 – although the cost is likely to drop as demand picks up.

Perth to Paris Direct Flights Coming

“This route makes Western Australia a new tourism gateway for Australia. We know from our research that there’s a lot of appetite to explore the west, not just from British and European visitors but also from Aussies on their way to London. A lot of business travellers, particularly in the resources sector, will stop off in Perth on their way to the UK,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said last week.

“The Qantas Dreamliner is a game changer, and that’s becoming real today,” Joyce said.

The new routes mean millions of Australians will use Perth as a base before flying out to European destinations. Customers from other Australian cities will fly to Perth first, then connect to London and Paris via Perth Airport – allowing the opportunity for Australian’s based in the eastern states to explore Perth and Western Australia on the way over or way back.


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