Perth Ranked As The Friendliest City In Australia

Perth ranked the friendliest in Australia – this is a true story!

The love for Perth from Big 7 continues, hot off the heels of winning the best dive bar in the world, Perth has now been named the friendliest city in Australia.

Don’t adjust your phone or your monitor this is a true story.

Big 7 Travel states

“The friendliest city in Australia awards goes to Perth, thanks to its lively locals, engaging social scene and ease of access for first-time visitors. Perth is a wonderfully vibrant and social place to be. Expect to make new friends in every bar you go to.”

Big 7 Top 10 Friendliest Cities in Australia

On a list of 25 cities, Perth ranked number one for the friendliest in Australia. Here were the top 10 finalists.

  1. Perth
  2. Coffs Harbour
  3. Brisbane
  4. Adelaide
  5. Cairns
  6. Melbourne
  7. Port Macquarie
  8. Darwin
  9. Canberra
  10. Hobart

How did Perth become number one?

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Big 7 asked their social audience of 1.5 million people “where you would find the friendliest cities and towns in Australia?”

This was then in relation to how easy the city is to navigate or strangers helping you find your way, to making new best friends in a local bar, these are the cities and towns across Australia where you’ll be made to feel the most welcome.

Perhaps they should have included friendliness when driving as a question – in which case maybe we wouldn’t have ranked so high.

None the less if this does come as a shock to you, perhaps we are just too close to it and the experience of travelers to WA and more specifically Perth is one of a fun and friendly experience.

Either way it is always great to beat Melbourne (6) and of course, Adelaide (4) – not to mention Sydney didn’t even crack a mention in the top 25. That’s no surprise really.

To read more and view the full list visit bigseventravel.com.

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