Perth Ranked Second Most Liveable City In Australia

Perth are big movers in the Life in Australia survey for 2019.

In a recent survey on liveability and community values by realestate.com.au and Ipsos found Perth, with a liveability index of 62 – just being edged out by our nation’s capital with 62.3.

Each city is ranked on by the Life in Australia Index which takes into consideration feeling safe, health services, affordable housing, job prospects, education, natural environment access, public transport and more.

It shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise as Perth has been kicking goals over the last year – tipped as top travel destination by Forbes for 2019, award-winning beaches, direct flights into Europe, the Hemsworth effect and much more.

But it’s under the surface of all this great exposure and kicking goal – Perth locals have responded with a positive uptick in their communities compared to previous years.

Life in Australia Index

Perth was a big mover

Perth has jumped two spots from 2018 to become Australia’s second most liveable city in terms of resident perceptions.

Perth residents ranked a prosperous economy higher on the importance scale than any other major city in Australia following the economic upturn the city has recently experienced.

How Perth rates living in their local area

With dramatic increases in key categories including affordable decent housing, good job prospects and a prosperous economy, Perth’s 2019 rating demonstrates a significant improvement in the city’s market since being ranked the least livable city in 2017.

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It is interesting to note that the long considered great cities of Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) were both in the bottom 3 on the Life in Australia Index for 2019.

Hopefully we can edge out Canberra in 2020!

Life In Australia 2019 Report

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Get out and explore our great city

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