Lesmurdie Falls National Park Source: @shendellhay

10 secret places you need to explore around Perth.

There is more to Perth than our amazing beaches and Kings Park – and they are amazing!

But sometimes in life, it’s good to get out the and explore.

Here are a few secrets, well not so secret places you need to get out and see around Perth.

Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Lions Lookout Lesmurdie

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The Lions Lookout in Lesmurdie is situated on the Lion Lookout Walk Trail a 4km loop which at it’s highest peak provides stunning views over the Perth plain. On the walk, you will also come across an abundance of wildflowers in spring.

John Oldham Park

Source: Myra Peggy Rose

An oasis in the middle of the city? Yep, that’s the best way to describe John Oldham Park.

And you know what you have probably driven past this park dozens of times.

Perth’s Secret City Park: Explore John Oldham Park.

Swan View Tunnel

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The Swan View Tunnel is a former railway tunnel opened in 1896 located on the southern side of the Jane Brook valley in the outer Perth suburb of Swan View.

After its closure as a railway tunnel, it was reopened as part of a heritage trail and now the public is welcome to come and explore the tunnel.

Kalamunda Zig Zag

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Escape to the Perth hills to take in the panoramic views of our great city’s expansive landscape from the Kalamunda Zig Zag.

Secret Garden

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Ok so maybe this isn’t the best-kept secret anymore – but if you haven’t already Perth’s secret garden is a must visit if you are keen to explore Perth’s very own Alice in Wonderland.

Read more: Perth’s Secret Garden Wonderland

Lesmurdie Falls National Park

Source: @winpiix

At Lesmurdie Falls National Park not only will you discover stunning views over the Swan Coastal Plain from the lookout platforms, in Spring you will be able to enjoy flowing falls and blooming wildflowers.

Also be sure to pack a picnic to truly make a day of it.

Araluen Botanic Park

Source: @life.and.wild

Heaven in the hills is a great way to describe Araluen Botanic Park.

Nestled 40 minutes from Perth, in the beautiful hills around Roleystone is Araluen botanic park. Famed for it’s beautiful spring tulip displays, Araluen aims to ‘create a unique world-class botanic park of great natural beauty and tranquillity which is accessible to and remembered by all who visit’.

Admission fees apply please visit araluenbotanicpark.com.au for more information.

Serpentine National Park

Source: @smilingadventurer

Not only is it home to one of Perth’s most popular swimming holes – Serpentine Falls, the national park is also home to much more with the amazing Serpentine River valley, panoramic views over the Swan Coastal Plan, stunning rock pools, woodlands and granite outcrops.

You could easily lose a day at Serpentine National Park.

Matilda Bay

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Ok, this definitely isn’t so secret, but when is the last time you visited Matilda Bay? Thought so! You’ve probably forgotten just how amazing Matilda Bay is so going back would become a new experience.

Take in the stunning city landscape against the Swan River all while relaxing on shady wide open grass spaces.

Bells Rapids

Source: @jasoncarrollimages

Bells Rapid Walk Trail is a walking trail along the Swan River and home of the renowned Avon Descent. The trail is well known mostly for is majestic boulders and speeding waters within the winter.

Make sure to have some comfy shoes and your phone charged before hitting up Bells.

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