WA’s biggest event to be cancelled?

To think only 4 months ago crowds of over 300,000 packed Perth’s CBD and surrounding foreshores to take in the 2020 Perth Skyworks. Fast forward to now and in a COVID-19 world, the Skyworks for 2021 could be cancelled well in advance amid fears of the increased possibility the event could cause an outbreak.

In a statement released by the City of Perth “even with further restrictions being eased on gatherings between now and the event date in January 2021, there remains a high risk that events the size of Skyworks will be inappropriate to stage due to potential public health risks that large crowds pose.”


The reason for the City of Perth to be talking Skyworks well in advance is to ensure they minimise the financial rsik. “Additionally, the City of Perth Skyworks event takes more than 10 months to plan to ensure the event is safe, accessible and enjoyable for the whole community. Waiting until late 2020 to decide whether to go ahead would be a significant risk to the finances of both Councils and provide insurmountable issues for other event stakeholders, especially given the current economic climate.”

The potential cancellation of the 2021 Skyworks and the fear of another outbreak also brings into question other sizable events in Perth – will The Royal Show go ahead and will Optus Stadium will be open to footy fans at all this season?


Will other cities around Australia and even the world proceed with the same caution? Will we see an AFL Grand Final and Melbourne Cup with no crowd? Will there be no New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney? Will the masses not watch the ball drop in Times Square?

If cancelled it would be only the second time the Skyworks has been cancelled – with the first time coming in 2017 after a tragic plane crash on the Swan River.

Full details and to read the press release visit perth.wa.gov.au.

More to come.