A new Federal government ad encouraging tourism in Australia has completely stuffed up where the sun sets and rises in Perth.

The image in question appears to be from 2015 or 2016, before much of the current architecture at Elizabeth Quay had begun construction.

The photograph also comes with the caption, “Catch the sunset here?” – despite the model couple looking eastwards from Kings Park towards the Perth CBD and Perth hills.

The advertisement was used to pitch Australia as a destination for the British media market.

The campaign has now been exposed and slayed in a front page splash by the Kerry Stokes owned daily The West Australian newspaper, who are describing the stuff up as “how little Canberra boffins know or care about our State.”

Oddly, as we all know, Perth and Western Australia hosts the most stunning, beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see anywhere in the world. Why Tourism Australia isn’t showcasing those incredible images is at best confusing?

The story is front page news.

The report said that Tourism Australia had been forced to change the ad at the last minute. A sleepless night for advertising agency executives and creatives in Sydney or Melbourne.

Credit : The West Australian newspapers

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