Forecasting Christmas day weather – what will the weather be like on Christmas day in Perth?

Christmas day forecast – sure at times it seems we can’t even predict what the weather will be like tomorrow correctly, but at least it’s fun to look ahead and see what we will be in for on Christmas day.

Will we be in for a mild Christmas day?


Or will we need to crank the AC, head to a friend/family members house with a pool or simply spend the day at the beach to keep cool during a Perth scorcher of a Christmas day?


Current Christmas day forecast for Perth

To make sure you can start to plan your perfect Christmas day this page will be updated regularly to keep you up to date with the latest Christmas day forecast for Perth.

The current forecast for Tuesday, December 25 in Perth based on 14 day forecast:

Time and Date

As of 11/12: Perth Christmas day forecast – minimum 21 with a maximum of 35.

Christmas Day Forecast Perth 2018

The Weather Network

As of 11/12: Perth Christmas day forecast – minimum 23 with a maximum of 36.

My Weather 2

As of 11/12: Perth Christmas day forecast – minimum 23 with a maximum of 30.

Perth Christmas day forecast - My Weather 2

Perth Christmas day verdict

Perth Weather - Christmas Day Forecast Perth

It now looks like we could be in for a traditional Perth summer Christmas – with a sunny mid 30’s cracker.

Previous Christmas day temperatures in Perth since 2010

Not since 2012 have we had a scorcher of a Christmas day in Perth with the metro maximum temperature reaching 39.6 degrees.

Since then Perth has had by our summer standards mild Christmas days with nothing over 33 degrees since 2013.

  • 2010: 39.9 degrees
  • 2011: 30.2 degrees
  • 2012: 39.6 degrees
  • 2013: 30.8 degrees
  • 2014: 32.0 degrees
  • 2015: 28.0 degrees
  • 2016: 32.7 degrees
  • 2017: 32.5 degrees

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