Perth Zoo : No Elephants at the Zoo When Tricia is Gone

Perth Zoo : No Elephants at the Zoo When Tricia is Gone

Perth Zoo is transforming for the future, with news that our beloved animal sanctuary in South Perth will eventually close the elephant enclosure.

“The younger elephants will not be moved until our elderly elephant Tricia passes away,” Perth Zoo said.

“At 61 years of age, she is a very old elephant and although we’d all love for her to live forever, we know this is not realistic and need to plan what is best for our other two elephants when that inevitable day comes.”

Today the zoo celebrated 120-years since opening to the Perth public.

“Since October 17th 1898 we have transformed from a place purely for entertainment to a conservation organisation committed to #SavingWildlife,” Perth Zoo wrote on social media.

“As we continue to evolve check out a long-term vision and visit http://Perthzoo.com.au/futurezoo to help us shape our future.”

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What does the future hold?

  • Other changes set for Perth Zoo soon:Overhead trails and interconnected exhibits.
  • The public may be able to view the veterinary hospital
  • Access to breeding areas!
  • New African lion exhibit opening, two lionesses coming to live, from Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Announcement on Perth Zoo future

A New Perth Zoo?

In November 2016, the WA Government proposed an open zoo in Chittering, just outside of Perth.

At the time we reported that, “a new Perth zoo will be created in Lower Chittering, a conservation and recreation reserve on the Avon River.

The zoo will host African savannah animals and support Perth Zoo’s international wildlife conservation breeding programs.

The conservation and recreation reserve comprises 700 hectares of which 280 hectares is already cleared. The land is vested in the Department of Parks and Wildlife.”

Story: New Perth Zoo Announced – Lower Chittering Open Range Zoo

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