Smiles All Round As Masks Come Off In Perth

Mark McGowan Press Conference - Perth COVID-19 Update
Perth is all smiles.

Smiles All Round As Masks Come Off In Perth

Perth is all smiles.
Mark McGowan Press Conference - Perth COVID-19 Update
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Perth can breathe easy as another wave of COVID restrictions was lifted today. 

Can I chuck my mask out?

It’s a good idea to hold onto it. While most mask settings are gone, you’ll still need one for:

  • Public transport, including taxi & ride share services
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Aged and disability care facilities 
  • Correctional facilities 

What about close contact rules?

The only people who will need to isolate from now are those with COVID, and close contacts with symptoms. 

There’s always a catch, though. If you’re a close contact AND symptom free, you can leave the house but only if you:

  • Take a RAT daily
  • Wear a mask out of the house
  • Avoid high risk settings
  • Work from home if possible
  • Avoid non-essential gatherings 

Do I still need to show proof of vaccination at the pub?

Good news everyone! You won’t need to show proof of vax for your afternoon beer or morning coffee anymore. The removal of capacity limits has also taken place.

There are still requirements for staff in certain industries.

What does travel look like?

You no longer have to register for a G2G pass to get into the state, nor will you need to be triple-dose vaccinated.

If you’re an international traveller, you may be subject to the Commonwealth’s requirements to travel to Australia or hold an exemption. 

What does the future look like for WA?

If all goes well, the final restrictions could be removed ahead of schedule. But, should a new variant arise, the old rules may have to come back.

For now, it’s a weight off our shoulders and fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here.

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