SocialTable Perth – Social Startup Focused on 'Real Life Connections' Comes to Perth

SocialTable Perth – Social Startup Focused on 'Real Life Connections' Comes to Perth


SocialTable Perth – Social Startup that promises to “bring humans back together” launching in Perth

SocialTable – a startup promising to get us off our phones and back to creating meaningful connections – has arrived in Perth.

Yes, remember when we met other people with human eye contact, handshakes and hugs and actual conversations?

SocialTable say they’re bringing all that back; over great food and wine at some of Australia’s best restaurants.

SocialTable began in Sydney in 2017, when founder Ben Stokes came up with an idea for a IRL (in real life) social network to connect people in more meaningful ways, rather than through our phone screens.

The platform is growing rapidly, with launches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, as well as New York in recent weeks.

SocialTable Perth - Social Startup Focused on 'Real Life Connections' Comes to Perth
Social Table Perth

Stokes realised there were a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes around town with spare capacity, along with a lot of people craving actual connection in a seemingly disconnected world.

“Despite the fact that we’re more digitally connected and technologically advanced than ever before, it’s somehow getting harder to meet new people,” SocialTable founder Ben Stokes says.

“For all the apps and websites designed to connect us, it seems were only becoming more disconnected.”

“I figured that, if I was looking to meet new people, there must be lots of others in the same boat – people who want to meet new people in the offline world and start making genuine connections again.”

SocialTable Perth begins with a pasta making event at Jamie’s Italian in the CBD.

The events typically run themselves. That is, ticket holders are encouraged to turn up at a certain time and place pre-arranged with a restaurant or bar, with participants encouraged to introduce themselves and mingle with each other on arrival, with a little help from the venue hosts.

It all makes for a more fun and spontaneous social experience.

So far, SocialTable events have been big hits in Sydney and Melbourne, with tickets in high demand.

So throw yourself in the deep end and get involved in some really fun social experiences with likeminded strangers alike.

You can book tickets to the first ever SocialTable Perth event at Jamie’s Italian.

Sign up and follow the team for more announcements. has just gone national thanks to @jamiesitalianau there’s cooking classes in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Grab a ticket and learn how to make pasta from the best! Tickets in Bio!

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