best chicken parma perth

Best Chicken Parmas Perth Has To Offer: The Ultimate & Delicious List

Serving up 13 of the best chicken parmas Perth has to offer.
best chicken parma perth
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Whether you call it a parmi, parma or parmy, all of us can agree that a chicken parmigiana might be one of the best pub meals around.

Honestly, doesn’t love the combination of crispy chicken, sauce and cheese after all? But the real question is where to find the best chicken parma Perth has to offer?

If this dish is a staple in your meal rotation, or if you just really want to start indulging in it more often than you have been, we’ve got you covered.

Order up, grab a beer and cheers the afternoon or night away to a tasty dining experience.

Where to find Perth’s best chicken parma?

While venues chicken parma offering might change over time – these venues provide the best chicken parmas in Perth.

Guildford Hotel, Wembley Hotel, Print Hall, The Henley Brook, Greenwood Hotel, Ciao Italia, Kazoomies, Inglewood Hotel, Rosemount Hotel, W Churchill, The Camfield, Oxford Hotel, Durty Nellys and The Henley Brook.

Perth’s Best Chicken Parmas

The Guildford Hotel

One of Perth’s prettiest pubs, The Guildford Hotel is a heritage-listed marvel that oozes majesty and charm.

The food on offer doesn’t prescribe to a particular cuisine, so you’ll find the pub fare here often comes with an interesting twist beyond what you’d normally see.

Their iteration of the dish in question does change from time to time, but what doesn’t is their unique take on the classic. From one called the loaded chicken parma and comes with maple bacon, smoked napolitana sauce, tortilla chips, cheese, chilli con carne, jalapenos and crème fraiche. Or more recently jump on the chicken schnitzel, nap sauce, smoked pulled pork and cheese chicken parma.

Plus you will obviously want a side of Cheeseburger spring rolls – because why not.

The Wembley Hotel

Not only is Cambridge Street’s The Wembley Hotel an institution for watching sport on the screen or nodding your head to live music, it’s also home to one of Perth’s best chicken parmas.

Sit out in the leafy courtyard and get around one of their parmigiana options – traditional, Hawaiian, Spanish or Aussie.

Priced at $25 for the traditional version ($5 more for the others), you’ll get your chicken smothered in napolitana sauce and cheese, and accompanied by chips and salad.

For those chasing a bargain, head down on a Tuesday where you can get a $19 parma all day long.

Print Hall

Chicken Param at Print Hall
Source: @print_hall

Brookfield Place’s Print Hall in the Perth CBD isn’t just another inner-city bar, it’s also doing some pretty stellar things when it comes to food.

And their gourmet parmigiana is no different, except that it actually is. It’s delicious and soul-warming in the best of ways. A lovely crisp schnitzel is married up with tomato sugo, basil, buffalo mozzarella and parmesan.

Enjoy it for $24 normally, or $20 on Mondays as their daily special (add on a drink for just $5 more).


Ciao Italia

Since opening in 1999, South Perth’s Ciao Italia has become an institution for pizza and pasta lovers, with lines of people often waiting patiently out front for a table.

They’ve perfected the art of generous portions which come out to tables while melodious Italian tarantella music plays in the background. The checked red and white table cloths, the strong scent of garlic and the terracotta walls all bring together the kitschy atmosphere and setting.

When it comes to parmigiana, they have their traditional chicken version ($35.50), but you can also try their cotoletta (baby beef) for a different spin on things.

Greenwood Hotel

Suburbia’s Greenwood Hotel isn’t just an award-winning local tavern.

It’s also a pretty fine spot to grab a good pub meal and kick back with friends and family. While they’re well-known for their Graziers steakhouse menu, it’s their chicken parmigiana ($19) that gets our vote for a meal with punch.

Thursday nights here are ‘Pick your Parmy’ evenings where you get the choice of five different parmigiana options for $18, all complete with chips and salad on the side.

It can get busy here on these evenings, so the vibe is even more enjoyable while you munch away.


Best Chicken Parmas Perth Has To Offer: The Ultimate & Delicious List
Source: @kazoomies

Fremantle’s Kazoomies in the E-Shed Market is where tradition meets innovation, resulting in food that is heavily spiced and flavourful, showcasing inspiration from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and beyond.

Home cooking is elevated with each dish here, and you can really taste the difference in each bite. The chicken parmigiana here is deemed one of the best around, and not just because it is an epic-sized serving!

Priced at $24.50, this giant free-range chicken thigh schnitzel has a parmesan and rosemary crust, red shakshuka sauce, blow-torched cheese and Cajun waffle fries. This is not for the faint of heart!

The Rosemount Hotel

Thursday at North Perth’s The Rosemount Hotel aren’t just another day – they’re $15 parmigiana day too.

Available from 11am until late (plus happy hour accompanies from 4pm to 6pm), this pub brings to the table some seriously good grub, as well as live music too.

And that combination really shows why it’s such a cracking venue to visit and while away the hours with a drink or two.

The chicken parmigiana here can be ordered normally off the menu with a price tag of $24, and features panko crumbed chicken, ham, napolitana sauce and mozzarella, plus fries and salad.

What more could you want?

W Churchill

You can find W Churchill in the heart of Perth CBD, with its historical charm, Churchill era inspired gin bar and refurbished interior.

Found in the heritage-listed WA Trustee building, there’s seating both inside and out to suit all tastes.

Their $22 parmigiana is all kinds of delicious, topped with tomato sugo and mozzarella, and accompanied by dreamy, creamy mashed potato.

Wash it down with one of their great beers on tap, or if the mood strikes, a gin and tonic. If this isn’t your idea of heaven, we’re not sure what is!

The Camfield

Located on the picturesque banks of the Swan River on Burswood Peninsula, The Camfield has become a popular pub and beer garden not just for sports lovers, but all walks of life.

It’s hailed as Australia’s largest pub, meaning there’s endless options for seating and spaces to catch up with friends and family. Plus they’re also dog-friendly until 4pm.

Check out their popular chicken parma for $26 which sees the crumbed chicken topped with local ham, tomato and mozzarella. Per the norm, it’s accompanied by chips and salad, rounding it out as a familiar but oh so enjoyable pub meal.

The Oxford Hotel

Established in 1906 in Leederville, The Oxford Hotel is an iconic location for food and drinks for locals and visitors alike.

The menu was designed with a love of pub classics in mind, using quality locally sourced produce to ensure every bite delivers in the flavour department. The chicken parmigiana, priced at $26, is a crispy, crunchy marvel, topped with ham, napolitana sauce and mozzarella.

And of course, there’s the market salad and chips to go with it as we all tend to expect for this classic staple.

If you drop in on a Sunday or Monday, you’ll find this dish going at a cool $15, so there’s no excuse not to try it. 

Durty Nellys

Best Chicken Parmas Perth Has To Offer: The Ultimate & Delicious List
Source: @durtynellysperth

Originally designed and constructed in Ireland using Irish materials, Durty Nelly’s was disassembled then rebuilt in Shafto Lane in the heart of Perth city.

So there’s no denying this place is as Irish as it can be!

Like many other pubs about town, Thursday is the day for parma specials, where the normally $25 dish becomes $16.

Here you will find another one of Perth’s best chicken parmas loaded up with tomato and basil sauce, smothered in cheese and alongside chips and a garden salad, you will leave stuffed to the brim after tackling this generously sized plate of goodness.

Clancy’s Fish Pub

While the name indicates they specialise in seafood, Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle also are making waves with their chicken parmigiana too ($25).

Try their version out for yourself, which features the chicken schnitzel, cheese, shaved ham and a soft fried egg, plus jus and chips.

Try it any night of the week, or head down on a Thursday where it comes with the incredibly affordable price tag of $15.

The Henley Brook

When your venue is nicknamed The Hen it won’t come as a surprise to many then that the chicken parma here is next level.

The Henley Brook is a Swan Valley favourite and is 110% worth the drive out there for the parma alone.

You can expect a monster serve of chicken parma to take up most of your plate with a side of salad and chips of course.

At The Hen they have perfected quality and quantity.

Want more delicious Perth eats?

Check out our guide on ‘Where to Eat in Perth‘.



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