Best Pho In Perth: For Every Pho-natic In Perth

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If you haven’t tried Pho yet, are you Pho real? This Vietnamese dish is taking Perth by storm and we have listed the best pho in Perth.

There’s no denying Vietnamese food is a growing addiction in Perth – from their fresh rice paper rolls to Bahn mi. And we can’t forget their oh-so-trendy Vietnamese coffee. But the main attraction come winter is definitely Pho. Why? Because it’s so Pho-king good. 

Typically made with a rich broth, herbs, veges, beef (pho bo), chicken (pho ga) or tofu (pho chay). Pho is a flavourism soul-soothing dish that hits the spot on these windy winter days. 

If you’re in need of a little soul food, then these giant steamy bowls of soupy noodles are calling your name.

Best Pho Restaurants in Perth

Bunn Mee – Leederville 

The main attraction at Bunn Mee might be their Bahn mi, but don’t sleep on their pho. This Leederville restaurant is created by celebrity chef and Masterchef alumni Jenny Lam. With the help of her family, this restaurant creates the best comfort food. With a touch of homeliness and extremely fresh ingredients, Bunn Mee’s pho is definitely a must-try.

Phong Dinh Noodle House – Morley 

If you’re looking for authentic and delicious pho, then you have to head over to Morley. At Phong Dinh Noodle House, you will be spoiled with 6 different pho options. From beef tripe to chicken ho fun, this southeast Asian street-inspired pho is very authentic. These steamy bowls of pho start only at $12.

Fee Fi Pho Fum – Subiaco 

Fee Fi Pho Fum - perth's Best Pho

If their punny name hasn’t sold you, then maybe their menu will! With 13 different options of pho, they cater to all. The menu includes vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options too! So if you enjoy the tale of Jack and the beanstalk and want to eat like a giant, then come to the heart of Subiaco and try the pho from Fee Fi Pho Fum


Phoever – Canning Vale & Cannington

With two locations in the south, Phoever has 9 options of pho to pick from! With beef, chicken, seafood and vegan options, Phoever believes that everyone should enjoy the comfort of a warm bowl of pho. If you’re struggling to pick an option, then why not their Pho Trio. This pho is served with three kinds of meat (chicken, beef and pork).

It’s the perfect way to try it all.

Lido – NorthBridge 

Specialising in serving up mouthwatering Vietnamese food, Lido has a large variety of steamy bowls of pho. Starting from only $12 a bowl, Lido has mastered the authentic taste of pho. Their passionate chefs create their pho with locally sourced fresh ingredients making Lido the perfect restaurant for a relaxed lunch or dinner. 

Pho Phong – Girraween 

Bringing the taste of South East Asia to Perth, Pho Phong in Girraween is one of the most popular pho spots in Perth! Pho Phong believes that Vietnamese food needs to be light, refreshing and fulfilling. Their specialised Pho chefs have over 20 years of experience creating invigorating bowls of Pho in Vietnam and in Perth. With traditional hofan soups created daily by scratch, Pho Phong will definitely have you returning for more.

Mama Tran – Joondalup & Perth 

Best Pho In Perth: For Every Pho-natic In Perth

For three generations, the Tran family have blessed Perth with warm and inviting Vietnamese food. Mrs Tran (affectionately known as Mama Tran) started selling her homemade food from their original store 30 years ago. Since then they have expanded and can cater to all (including vegos, vegans and gluten-free). Their pho comes in generous sizes and is packed with flavour! Mama Tran is a must try if you’re a Pho newbie.


Viet Hao – Northbridge 

This family-owned restaurant has been serving fine Vietnamese food for over 40 years in Northbridge. Pho is their stand out speciality dish by far. They have 15 different options of Pho on their menu currently. Viet Hao is known for its housemade hand-pulled noodles that complement their delicious brothy hofan soup.

To top it all off, they offer complimentary Chinese tea to all their customers.

U & I Cafe – Northbridge 

If you’re craving a midnight or mid-afternoon noodley snack then U&I Cafe is perfect.

Opened 24 hours in Northbridge, their Pho is the perfect late night warmer. From rich brothy beef Pho to Saigon hot white coffee and fried ice cream, U&I Cafe is sure to satisfy your cravings.

We can promise that you’ll have a Pho-nomenal experience at any one of these best pho restaurants in Perth. So sit back and slurp up these steamy bowls of Pho.

Feature image: Mama Tran

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