Perth’s Biggest Continental Roll 1.2m Now Available

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Perth’s biggest continental roll could take a bit of effort to finish.

The team behind Perth’s best continental rolls Angelo Street Market and North Street Store have teamed up to create something that will challenge even the biggest lover of continental rolls.

We are talking about a 1.2m continental roll – footlongs are for kids!

Bust one out for a picnic, for Friday Night footy, or perhaps to help out everyone struggling from a hangover.

One thing is for sure – Perth’s biggest continental roll will definitely need to be a team effort to beat.


What makes up the 1.2m conti roll

  1. 1.2m Long Sesame Seed Sourdough Rolls (Made by North Street Store) 
  2. 200g Smoked Ham
  3. 200g Sopressa
  4. 200g Pepper Mortadella 
  5. 200g Swiss Cheese,
  6. Lettuce
  7. Tomato
  8. Red Pepper
  9. Marinated Eggplant
  10. Spanish Olives
  11. Sun Dried Tomato
  12. Mayo

Are you sold?

How to get your hands on one?

Perth's biggest continental roll

Orders strictly via phone or email only.

The cost of this beast is $99.99 and can be order by 4pm for next day pick up – so make sure to bring the truck.

The offer is strictly a Continental Style to begin with.

Available from Angelo Street Market and North Street Store from Tuesday 21 July.

Orders strictly via phone or email only.

Angelo Street Market

North Street Store

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