Get your stretchy pants ready! Craving a burger but only Perth’s best will do? We have the list of the best burgers in Perth for you!

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here

Perth Burgers – When it comes to burgers in Perth, we are completely spoiled for choice. There’s the modern style brioche bun, slightly pink in the middle beef offerings, crunchy fried chicken or even bunless if that’s your thing.

So get your stretchy pants ready… you’re going to need them to tackle this list!

List of the best burgers in Perth in no particular order:

Short Order Burger

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @shortorderburgerco

Arguably Perth’s best burger to those in the know, Short Order Burger Co started as one of the venues in Fremantle’s The Mantle originally. Operating from Thursday night to the weekend, it was a common occurrence to see long lines snaking around the counter as eager diners waited for their moment to order, feast and relish in the delicious food being pumped out here. Earlier this year owner Simon Kony brought his popular joint to the CBD as a permanent fixture that has satisfied lunchtime and dinner cravings of city dwellers. Their burgers are nothing short of delicious. Glossy, soft buns that have hand crafted beef patties, cheese and other combinations of toppings to suit any burger craving. These are definitely what dreams are made of. And if you’re in the area on a Tuesday night, make sure to swing by Short Order to try their off menu dish of the evening – the past has seen the likes of katsu sandos, kim chi burgers or epic chicken nuggets.

RoyAls Chicken & Burgers

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @queenofbadtiming

Their logo sports a crown, and it’s definitely well deserved if you speak to anyone who has tried RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers in East Vic Park and Wembley. As soon as you enter you’re welcomed by thumping hiphop beats, bright coloured décor and a mouth-watering aroma. With names like Bernie Mac (their tasty version of a big mac), RoyAl with cheese (any Pulp Fiction fans in the house?) and The Stevie Wonder, there’s a playful spin on what are essentially damn good burgers. If you’re looking for some quality take away, these guys also have the ability to order online before you head in which is even more of a bonus. And whatever you do, make sure you try their onion rings – they are some of the crispiest ever found in Perth, and go so perfectly with their creole remoulade. You’re welcome.

Brooklyn Lounge

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @brooklynlounge

It’s an all-American menu set in the heart of Claremont, and with it comes an array of succulent plates that you’ll want to make your way through trip after trip. Yes, Brooklyn Lounge

isn’t just a burger joint but they definitely bring their A-game here with some pretty impressive towering creations. From the three patty high Biggie, to the vegetarian Captain Planet, you can down these with a cocktail or beer to accompany making it the ultimate meal. There’s definitely soul in every bite here, which is why they’ve developed a loyal fan base who are all too happy to spruce their wares. And for those up for a challenge: there’s the Brooklyn Zoo, which has a wagyu beef patty, bacon, buttermilk fried chicken, mac and cheese, chipotle mayo and crispy onion rings all between two golden waffles. Sure it’s a week’s worth of calories, but you only live once right?

Juicy Buns Burgers

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @juicybunsburgers

They’re yet to set up shop in a permanent location, so if you want to try Juicy Buns Burgers keep a keen eye on Instagram or Facebook to see where they’re at. Owner Andrew Kenyon is well known around town as a barista but his true passion is for burgers and after one bite you can see that he can definitely walk the walk. Their first pop ups took place at Timber Café in March, with a most recent one in Ma at The Bird. What they bring to the table is a tried and tested burger patty, which is a heavier weighted version than most competitors, nestled between pillowy bread and coated in melted cheese. The result is the kind of burger you’ll crave – and hate that you can’t just pop in to get whenever you like. Best of all, because of the nature of their business model, prices don’t need to include brick and mortar overheads. So you’ll generally only part with around $10, making it very friendly on the wallet as well as the tastebuds.

Varsity Burgers

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here

With five different locations, Varsity Bar slash Varsity Burgers have found a winning formula that satisfies the masses. Whether you’re visiting the original hub in Nedlands, the hidden treasure in Northbridge or the newer spots in Joondalup, Waterford or Morley, you’ll find a consistently good burger offering. You can keep things simple with their cheeseburgers, or you can dive in to other choices like their Soul Chicken, Notorious P.I.G. or the tempting Presley which features bacon, crunchy peanut butter and smashed banana. Varsity have also truly embraced their American style dishes, and you’ll also find some special burgers on offer throughout the year. Their latest, the Luke I Am Your Burger, was available on May 4th

and looked the piece with its black bun, black garlic aioli and glistening beef patty. These guys know how to party and deliver flavour with every bite.

Meet & Bun

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @meetandbun

They started in Trinity Arcade in the city, then made their way to Freo as more and more people jumped on the Meet & Bun bandwagon. And with good reason! They do burgers and fries, and they do them good. From the CheeseTox (which has a syringe of cheese to stab in the middle), to the Ari Gold Burgs or the Mother Clucker – these burgers will have your heart racing in excitement just by stalking their Instagram feed. Tip: save some room and try their cement mixers or thick shakes for a sweet ending that is the cherry to this venue sundae.

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Troublemaker Burgers

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @troublemakerburgers

One of the vendors in the newly opened Yagan Square, Troublemaker Burgers is more than cute branding, it’s a serious burger contender. With a focus on local ingredient utilisation, they are slinging out a high volume of burgers during the day and night to hungry customers. These don’t just look like a good hamburger, they are teeming with flavour – and the structure actually manages to stay together as you munch your way through. With the branding done by I Am The Wong, it has a very cute and kitsch feel to it that enhances the experience of dining there. Plus, with Yagan Square’s long trading hours you can get a late night burger fix here Thursdays to Saturdays.


Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @tbsp_bayswater

Mark 18 May in your diary: Tbsp. in Bayswater are doing their first ever Burger Night! Walks in only, they’ll have three different burgers on offer from 5.30pm – 8.30pm, which if they’re anything like the burgers on their normal menu will be damn delicious. If you haven’t visited this little café in the burbs to try their Kimcheeseburger, you are definitely missing out. Served pink and juicy, it comes with American cheese, kimchi mayo, pickled cucumber and fresh kimchi on a brioche bun. Oh yes, this is the stuff dreams are made of. And what puts another plus in their column is you can down this bad boy at breakfast or lunch – they have an all day menu. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Please, sir I want some more

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here
Source: @clarences

While we’ve listed some of our favourites above, there’s so many more to add to your list. So if you’re hell-bent on finding more of the best burgers in Perth to dine on, make sure you also check out Alfreds, Clarences, Flipside, Jus Burgers, V Burger Bar, Missy Moos, Novembars, Johnny’s and Gary’s Diner Food Truck.

Perth's Burger Kings: Get The Best Perth Burgers Right Here

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