202km and 7 hours later… we have a Perth Goat Bike Trail.

Reddit user jenbonez recently posted the Goat map that their amateur cycling team created and the Perth community is loving it!


The Reddit user was bombarded with questions so he decided to supply a few blanket answers for the Reddit community wanting to know more – as do we.

Because we could, and it’s a bunch of fun to get out and spend a day riding with your mates.

But why a goat?
Because goats are badass and they’re an easy animal to draw in profile. Also there’s so many awesome goat puns. Plus my partner is about to give birth to our first child and it was something fun to do before I have a kid… geddit?

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My friends and I are part of an amateur cycling team called FGHTCLB.CC and we’re currently taking sponsorships! We’re based in Perth, Western Australia and race road bikes and cyclocross.

How did you do it?
I planned the route out in the cycling and running app Strava using their route mapping tool. Essentially you drop a bunch of waypoints along roads and make it all join up into a picture. I’m not much of an artist so I had a picture of a goat on a second screen to help me. Once it’s planned you export it to a GPS device, in my case a Garmin Edge 510 and it gives you directions to ride in. The hardest part (apart from riding 200km obviously) is finding the roads to make the image work, which I only partly succeeded at. The route is here on Strava if anyone wants to try it for themselves in Perth.

Did you really ride 202km in less than 7 hours?
Yup. We averaged just under 30kph (18mph) though we stopped for food, nature breaks and a couple of flat tyres. The whole thing took us around 8 hours. The four of us who rode took a heap of turns in the wind (giving the other 3 riders a draft and making it easier on them) we all ride a lot compared to a normal person we all rode more than 10,000km last year and some of us more than 15,000km. Yes, we’re nuts.

Is this a thing?
Yes, gps art has been happening in the cycling community for a while now – People have drawn all sorts of awesome stuff – and most of it is much better than ours. Plus heaps of people have drawn cocks n balls.

Source: reddit.com