Perth's Top Unique Swimming Spots: Beaches, Swimming Holes, Lakes and Rivers

Perth and Western Australia doesn’t just have stunning beaches – we also have amazing and unique swimming holes, lakes and rivers.

It’s no secret that Perth has award winning and simply amazing beaches, but Perth is also home to many unique swimming locations right on your door step and only a road trip away.

If you have discovered any other hidden gems – please contact us via [email protected].

Below is a list of unique swimming locations around Perth and all over Western Australia.

Lake Navarino, Waroona

Source: instagram.com/mohalmas

Lake Navarino is surrounded by lush forest, making a truly unique spot to experience.

While you can go for a dip in the calm clear waters, the lake is also used for recreational water activities such as water skiing and freshwater fishing. Bring your family down for a weekend of camping and fun

Bring your family and friends down for a weekend of water adventures and camping, with numerous accommodation options.

Lake Navarino Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Barrabup Pool, Nannup

Source: instagram.com/australiassw

Barrabup Pool is an amazing naturally formed watering hole outside of Nannup.

This peaceful location has become a popular swimming and canoeing spot as the surrounding native trees provide plenty of shade and the calm waters and sounds of the bush make it a relaxing setting to unwind.

Barrabup Pool Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

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Serpentine Falls, Serpentine

Source: instagram.com/biancaaleber

Serpentine Falls has been one of the focal points of the area since the early European settlers came in droves to swim, picnic and enjoy a day out in the bush. And today not much has changed.

Enjoy the rock pool with waterfall flowing down from the 15m granite rock face.

This is definitely the spot for an adventure and swim. Serpentine Falls also has a grassy picnic area, shaded picnic tables, gas barbeques and toilets with access for people with disabilities, so that you can really make a day of it.

Serpentine Falls Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

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Mettams Pools, North Beach

Source: instagram.com/helderzito

This is one of Perth’s coastal gems.

Mettams Pools is considered one of the most beautiful spots to swim, snorkel and or relax in Perth.

There are also coffee shops within walking distance – making it the perfect place to take a dip, grab some rays and then have a coffee with friends and family.

Mettams Pools Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Honeymoon Pool

Source: instagram.com/sssssoopph

Honeymoon Pool is located just east of Bunbury and is a must see.

Situated on the banks of the Collie River, Honeymoon Pool is surrounded by bushland providing a truly unique experience.

Want to do a little more than swim? Steps at the ‘day use’ area provide access to the river for visitors launching canoes and kayaks.

Honeymoon Pool Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Moore River, Guilderton

Source: instagram.com/cecile.cs

Moore River – where the river meets the sea.

The mouth of the Moore River is a popular place for kids to swim. A natural sandbar separates the river from the ocean, providing visitors with the best of both worlds.

The river is also a paddler’s dream. Non-motorised zones have been designated at Silver Creek, the river mouth and upstream from Diamond Island, making the Moore River safe and enjoyable for SUP, kayaking and canoeing.

Moore River Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

North Dandalup Dam, North Dandalup

Source: instagram.com/bigredz_cheesesteaks

North Dandalup Dam is the ideal place for a picnic getaway.

The recreation lake formed from the former Pipehead Dam is the perfect place for relaxed water-based activities including swimming, SUP, floats and even sailing model boats. The grassed area next to the lake is ideal for picnics with free gas barbecues, toilets and parking available.

North Dandalup Dam Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

*Please note that during peak summer periods North Dandalup Dam can get quite busy, so plan accordingly.

There is also currently a health warning at North Dandalup Dam for amoebae, signs are visible on location. If you are going to enter the water to ensure your safety don’t put your head under water. Don’t jump or dive into the water because it is more likely (amoebae) would enter your nose.

Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup

Source: instagram.com/jackierabie85

Forest-cloaked valleys and meandering waterways make Lane Poole an enchanting place to visit and its close proximity to Perth ensures its popularity.

Lane Poole is ideal for a relaxing dip, or you can even get a bit more adventurous with a SUP or canoe down the Murray.

There are also camping facilities on site, making this a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Lane Poole Reserve Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Yanchep Lagoon Beach, Yanchep

Source: instagram.com/chelsea.carroll

With a protective reef situated just off the coast resulting in often calm waters makes Yanchep Lagoon one of Perth most unique and perfect swimming location. The beach is ideal for little ocean explorers or a great chance to grab your snorkel gear or SUP.

The beach also has cafe, playground, toilet and shower facilities.

Yanchep Lagoon Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow

Source: instagram.com/jamillygiles

Not near the ocean or want to get away from the beach?

A former Railway dam turn recreational lake, Lake Leschenaultia is now a beautiful place with peaceful surroundings to take a quiet dip.

The lake also has numerous attractions, including picnics/camping, bushwalking and canoeing and swimming.

Facilities provided include a café, kiosk, toilets, playground, barbecues, picnic areas, grassed areas, camp ground with camp kitchen and walking and cycling trails.

Lake Leschenaultia Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Natural Spa, Yallingup

Source: instagram.com/chantalstorm

At end of Wyadup Road, Yallingup there is a place where you can truly relax.

As the name suggest, the waves from behind the pool create jet like water pressure, as the water flows down the rock face, resulting in a spa like experiences.

Natural Spa Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Lake Brockman, Cookernup

Source: instagram.com/tahliagrant

Located 10 minutes away from the Harvey townsite. Not only can you swim in the clear and fresh water of the dam, make sure to bring your canoe or SUP.

Lake Brockman has also become a great location for wakeboarding for those that don’t want to head to the ocean or Swan River.

Lake Brockman also has numerous camping facilities, a brand new playground and accommodation incase you want to make a weekend of it.

Lake Brockman Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Matilda Bay, Perth

Source: instagram.com/tahneeleeupton

Matilda Bay is a natural bay in the Swan River and has become a popular social gathering spot providing an open grassed foreshore with a stunning back drop of the Swan River and Perth.

Matilda Bay is the perfect place for a family outing and or a relaxing picnic with friends.

Matilda Bay Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Elephant Rocks: William Bay National Park, Denmark

Source: instagram.com/woodsmedia

Most commonly known as Elephant Rocks due to the rocks in the cove looking like a herd of elephants, paddling in the shallow waters.

While at the cove you can not only go for a swim in the crisp water (the cove is connected to the Great Southern Ocean and can be a little colder than usual beaches), but you can also simply relax on the sand or take in the sights as you look out into the ocean.

The perfect location for families and for those looking for a unique and relaxing spot.

William Bay National Park Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Black Diamond Lake, Collie

Source: instagram.com/ddpatrascu

Black Diamond Lake is located 5km west of the coal mining town of Collie. On a clear, sunny day Black Diamond sparkles and radiates a magnificent blue colour, making it some of the bluest water you will ever see.

The lake is perfect for a dip, SUP, canoeing and kayaking. Some visitors like to bring inflatable floats and lay back and enjoy the beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

While camping isn’t allowed at the lake, you can camp along Collie Lake, however there are no facilities – no glamping here just straight bush camping.

Please note there was a previous health warning for the Black Diamond Lake, if you require more information please contact Collie Shire for more details.

Black Diamond Lake Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

The Basin, Rottnest Island

Source: instagram.com/mirimirionthewall

“The Basin” at Rottnest Island is the most perfect natural swimming pool you could possibly imagine.

With its shallow clear waters, The Basin is underwater snorkelling playground suitable for all ages.

Located only 10 minutes from the main settlement, The Basin is a must when visiting Rottnest.

The Basin Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

Bonus Inclusion – We can’t forget the dogs

Riverside Gardens Bayswater, Bayswater

If you have aqua pups then they will love going for a dip at Riverside Gardens in Bayswater.

With a beach area attached to the Swan River providing calm waters for your pups and large open grass spaces to stretch the legs, your dogs will certainly be worn out from a day out at Riverside Gardens.

Riverside Gardens Bayswater Location: Scroll down to our interactive map

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