Perth’s Weeping Tree – Easter “miracle”

Perth weeping tree becomes international sensation.

A burst water main in Palmyra has somehow been mistaken for a divine religious phenomenon with media outlets like Fox News picking up on the story.

This waterlogged Perth tree attracts global attention.

The burst water main near a gum tree in Palmyra on Good Friday attracted stories in local news media and has now been picked up by conservative outlets overseas.

WA Today reported over the weekend:

Palmyra residents are speaking of a modern day Easter miracle, after water unexpectedly started gushing out of a local verge tree on Good Friday.

The gum tree, located across the road from Palmyra Primary on McKimmie Road, has attracted neighbours and visitors alike, who have flocked to the scene to witness the phenomenon.

Some have even drunk from and bathed in the water.

Channel Nine Perth’s version of events:

The eucalypt, on a verge in Palmyra, started gushing water four days ago and only stopped once the Water Corporation intervened.

The tree started weeping on Good Friday which sparked jokes amongst locals about divine intervention.

Now the story has been picked up by outlets in the US, with Fox News playing up the devine timing of the Perth event.

“At first, many believed the large tree stump was just leaking rainwater it collected after a heavy pour last week,” Fox reported.

“But when the water continued to flow nonstop through Sunday, many questioned whether it was something altogether more miraculous.”

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Ryan Northover
Ryan Northover
Ryan is contributing editor of So Perth and co-founder of So Media Group.