Help end homelessness in WA

There’s a push on to help end homelessness in Perth, with ‘Transform Tranby – Transform lives’ campaign

Unitingcare West (UCW) is calling out for help to achieve their goal of keeping Tranby Centre open seven days a week and to upgrade facilities – part of a wider goal to end homelessness.

More than 9,000 people are homeless in Western Australia on any given night, with UnitingCare West’s (UCW) Tranby Centre in East Perth providing support to up to 200 rough sleepers every morning, six days a week.

This winter, UCW has set its sights on raising the bar at the homelessness service, transforming it into multi-purpose engagement hub to provide a pathway for people experiencing homelessness.

As part of the bush, Perth social media users are encouraged to join the ‘Transform Tranby’ message on July 6, in which all messages will be posted to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

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CEO Amanda Hunt is calling on Perth people to throw their support behind the fundraising project, to open Tranby seven days a week, upgrade the facilities and better connect people with vital services.

She said the ‘Transform Tranby’ project was aligned with the WA Alliance to End Homelessness’ (WAAEH) 10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness in WA, launched in April 2018.

“As a supporting WAAEH member, UCW is totally committed to making a significant contribution to reaching this target by 2028,” Ms Hunt said.

“Transform Tranby is about redefining how we address homelessness services, placing a greater emphasis on giving people a hand up, not just a hand out.

“It’s about better connecting people with the support they need to lead a good life, where they can participate as valued, contributing citizens of our community.

“Importantly, we will be collaborating with the experts to ensure we get this right – people who have lived experience of homelessness.”

Ms Hunt said the first step in the transformation will be providing people with an enhanced,personalised service, taking them beyond the surface level ‘cornflakes and hot shower’ experience,
towards real life changing engagement.

She said the fundraising campaign was launched to coincide with the start of winter, a time when people experiencing homelessness find themselves most vulnerable. “Last year, with your support, we raised more than $150,000 to open Tranby on Saturday mornings. This year our target is even more ambitious and we can’t do it alone.

“By supporting the Transform Tranby project, you are not only helping us to create a more welcoming space for people experiencing homelessness, you will be walking alongside them on the journey towards a place they can call home.”

Big Kev’s story:
When ‘Big Kev’ found himself down on his luck and without a place to call home, he turned to the
Tranby Centre. All he wanted was a simple breakfast, a hot shower and someone to listen to his
story. He was homeless, but at Tranby he found a spark of hope.
That spark became a flame when the UCW team was able to connect Kev with vital government
services and eventually, to secure a small unit – his own home.
Fast forward two years and Kev still visits Tranby most days, offering advice and listening to other
people’s stories. He is one of a group of people from who have, or are still experiencing
homelessness, working with UCW on the Transform Tranby project.
Some of the ways your support will help:
– Refit and revamp the Tranby space to be a more welcoming environment
– To open seven days a week, for longer hours
– Provide greater access to specialist services
– Deliver stronger pathways to accommodation options
– Develop a safe space to support and facilitate change
– Create community learning opportunities
– Purchase industrial washers and kitchen appliances so visitors can be more self-sufficient
To support Transform Tranby and help us to transform lives please call 1300 663 298 or visit

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