Real Life Pac-Man Maze Coming Soon To Perth

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Rumour has it Perth is getting a Pac-Man Maze.

So what exactly is a Pac-Man maze? The immersive activation brings you a huge maze where you will lose yourself in a pixelated world that will have you and your friends running, dodging those deadly ghosts and grabbing fruit to be the ultimate winner.

Sweet! How Does it work?​

Punters will enter the maze for a chance to find prizes before the ghosts get you!

Inside the maze you will need to complete a coded Pac puzzle along with collecting fruit.

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If you are the first to complete the puzzle and collect all the fruit you will be the ultimate winner.

Watch out for the ghosts!

If you get caught by a ghost you lose a life, lose 3 lives and you’re out!

Once the maze is done the party starts

Once you’ve escaped the Pac Maze and ghosts you and your friends can kick will kick back in the 80’s themed pixel room.

The 80’s room will include the original Pac Man game system and a DJ who will be mixing up the classics.

When and where?

Brisbane Pac Maze kicks off August 10th and Melbourne August 23rd.

Details for the Pac Maze Perth are still to be announced – however, if you subscribe to their pre-sale list you will be the first to know.

For more information on the Perth Pac-Maze visit thepacmaze.com.

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