There’s no place like home.

Red Bull launches video documentary series ‘This is Home‘ featuring Australia’s most exciting emerging talent as they explore what home means to them.

Each artist showcases the cultures, lifestyles and social backgrounds that makeup Australia’s growing music scene.

Dallas Woods from Wyndham is the first artist in the series.

Watch: Dallas Woods | This is… Home | Red Bull Music

Watch the Australian rising star as he returns home to Wyndham as part of Red Bull Music.

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Watch: Dallas Woods – 64 Bars | Red Bull Music

64 Bars is a project created by David Dallas in Red Bull Studios Auckland where rappers hit the booth and lay down 64 bars of rhythms. Straight raps – no hooks, no bells or whistles. It’s a chance to hear artists flex their skills.

Rising star Dallas Woods took the opportunity to step into the booth and unleashes 64 bars of straight rap about growing up in his home town of Wyndham.