Coronavirus Government Restrictions Eased In WA: Limit On Indoor & Outdoor Gatherings Raised To...

Restrictions Eased In WA: Limit On Indoor & Outdoor Gatherings Raised To 10 People

The limit rises to 10 people.

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Today marks the first day in a hopeful step towards normality since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement yesterday Mr McGowan announced the first easing of coronavirus restrictions – allowing for an increase in gatherings within WA.

Based on expert health advice, the two-person limit on non-work indoor and outdoor gatherings will be adjusted, with the limit rising to 10 people.

This also includes the list of acceptable activities to do away from home has been expanded slightly.

Everyone should continue to practise appropriate social distancing and stay home except for:

  • Shopping for what you need, such as food or other necessary supplies
  • Medical or health care needs, including compassionate requirements
  • Exercise, including outdoor personal training without shared equipment
  • Training or University study, where remote learning is unavailable
  • Childcare or school
  • Work

Further non-contact recreational activities such as private picnics in the park, fishing, boating, hiking and camping − are all allowed now, however must be in compliance with travel restrictions and the new 10-person rule

Home opens and display village openings, with appropriate record-keeping and hygiene practices in place, and in compliance with the 10-person rule.

A maximum of 10 people will be allowed at weddings (an increase from the five person limit), funerals, outdoor personal training (no shared equipment), home opens and display village inspections as part of these changes.

The restrictions we have had to put in place during this crisis have been significant and disruptive, and the…

Posted by Mark McGowan on Saturday, 25 April 2020

Mr. McGowan stresses, however, that despite the ease in gathering restrictions it is important that WA continue to practice adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times and practice good hygiene.

“Don’t have wild parties, don’t do stupid things that mean we have to clamp down again,” he said.

Mr McGowan said the Government would continue to look to “move or tweak” some restrictions.

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