Review: Tim Ferguson 'A Fast Life On Wheels'

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There are many reasons why people will go see the new show A Fast Life On Wheels, by Tim Ferguson. For some it’s nostalgia for the Doug Anthony All Stars, others may want to see a comedy legend in action. Some are learning the trade and want to sit at the feet of a master. Then there are the people living with or caring for someone with a disability. Or maybe they have some masochistic desire to know what life is like with a disability. Either way I can guarantee they’ll find themselves laughing one minute and feeling challenged the next.

This is the second time Tim has bought his latest show A Fast Life On Wheels to Perth. The first time was during the Perth Fringe Festival. With sell out audiences, why not bring it back.

The show is a follow up to Carry a Big Stick, which some of you may have seen a few years back. Both shows dip into Tim’s past before focusing on the current, particularly his progression of life with MS.

The new show is funny, candid, thought provoking and genuine as always, just like the man himself. Recounting tough stories through humour, his positive outlook is no doubt a big reason for his continued success.  As an example some quotes which have stuck with me are …

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“I don’t suffer MS, it suffers me.”

“You live and learn in that order.”

I was fortunate to sit down with Tim yesterday to chat about another project. We finished up late in the afternoon, then he was off to his next engagement with Channel 9, and ultimately the evening show. I don’t know about you but if I had a show on I’d be spending the run up in equal parts preparation and panic. There’s no denying Tim’s energy levels are still fine, so too his creative force as we discussed new ventures including the promise of another movie. Watch this space, it sounds like a life affirming hoot.

As I reflect on the Fast Life On Wheels show I’m left feeling strangely envious about some aspects that disability brings (you’ll never think of showering in the same way).

There were some intriguing comedy ideas that sprung out of the audience interaction elements. It was like being part of a mini comedy masterclass. No doubt some of the audience members lived out a fantasy, while others may have been left thinking about starting a comedy career.

There may be less stage diving now that Tim’s in a wheelchair, but by the twinkle in his eye I wouldn’t put it past him.

Grab a ticket for tonight if there are any left. Last time the organisers had to keep adding more and more rows of seating. Or if you’re in another State of Australia keep a look out for dates.

For more information go to State Theatre

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