Rosendorff liquidation sale : Perth Jeweller Closing Down

Rosendorff, the iconic Perth jewelry house, is liquidating its stock of diamonds and other gems, after going out of business.

Perth’S Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers are sadly closing down after 55 years of trade.

A huge $9 million liquidation sale will take place Friday at the Hay Street Mall store.

The liquidation should see bargain prizes for jewels, including diamonds and fine pieces.

The Perth brand has been around since the 1960s and has sold diamond wedding rings to over 11,000 WA couples since.

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“It is a tremendous opportunity to acquire a very special jewellery item at very competitive prices and may also help save an iconic Perth jeweller,” Richard Tucker of KordaMentha Restructuring said.

“We are running a short highly discounted sale through the store to materially reduce the current stock levels whilst a sale or recapitalisation of the business is pursued.”

The luxury diamond retailer began in 1963, founded by Craig Rosendorff.

“I have always loved the mystique of diamonds,” he says on the company’s website.

“I’m attracted to the joy and romance they bring to their beholders, the heritage and their connection to families across generations.”

On Instagram, a child of Craig Rosendorff left a heartfelt message.


“My beautiful hard working dad. You couldn’t hope to meet a kinder more generous man than him,” the post said.

“He does not deserve this after working almost everyday since he was 15 years old. All he ever wanted was to provide his family with a better life. His words to me the other day, “you and your sister are the reason I keep going.”

“My heart is broken for him and I wish there was something I could do to make this all go away. I’m asking everyone who follows me and sees this to please do their part.

Tomorrow the biggest sale in Rosendorff history starts! Everything will be heavily discounted!!! Please go into the store and buy something even if it’s for $100. Every little bit helps. Please keep this Perth Icon and his legacy alive. #MyHeroNoMatterWhat ♥️”

Rosendorff closing down after over half a century serving Perth


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Ryan Northover
Ryan Northover
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