Today the process of clearing Rottnest Island has begun.

As Mark McGowan stated in a recent address to the media they were beginning to explore the possibility of Rottnest Island becoming a quarantine zone.

It seems that these initial investigations have ramped up with a call for the holiday island to be cleared today including workers, staff and residents, all being ushered off the holiday island and no new visitors to be allowed to the island.

As stated in this morning address by Mr McGowan “this morning to start the process of clearing the island to ensure that we have is available if we need it.”


“Obviously, there’s some serious logistic issues around that and some serious staffing issues, but we need to get ready.”

“While this is extremely regrettable and a lot of people will not enjoy this, we need to make sure we have everything available to throw at this.”

Mr McGowan has admitted that it might be drastic action to takeover Rottnest, however, he seems eager to be safe than sorry – as we could no doubt all understand given the current situation.

“So if we don’t end up having to use Rottnest, if it doesn’t actually come to pass, well, we’ve lost some money and some people’s holidays have been ruined. But on the other hand, if we do need to use the island, people will probably be happy that we made this decision now.”


More to come.

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Feature image: @putherup