Quokkas and infected coronavirus individuals could be quarantined together.

It seems everything and anything could be on the cards for the WA Government after an announcement by Mark McGowan this afternoon that investigations are underway for the possibility of using Rottnest Island for quarantine.

In what could be a radical move – holiday destination Rottnest Island is currently being investigated as a quarantine zone among the prospect of acquiring some hotels to place people in quarantine.

“We’re looking at acquiring very soon some hotels for self-isolation zones so that we can have places to quarantine people who have difficulty self-isolating or who won’t self isolate.


“In addition to that, we’re now actively investigating using Rottenest for this purpose, taking Rottnest Island and turning it into a quarantine zone for Western Australia.”

When asked to expand on how Rottnest Island as a quarantine station would work

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“If we need to kick it in, we will to ensure that those people who can’t quarantine or won’t quarantine, we can put them somewhere where they can get proper attention and proper support in which they are properly isolated. So being worked up as we speak, it may well be that we need to look to barracks” WA Premier Mark McGowan.

To be honest there would definitely be worse places in the world to have to be quarantined.


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