Rottnest Island quarantine zone will be activated by the state government.

In the media conference this morning to update WA’s media on the states coronavirus crisis, Mark McGowan stated Rottnest Island would be used as a quarantine zone.

We’re exercising the Rottnest option now

Mark McGowan

The cruise ship Vasco de Gama, is due to arrive in Fremantle on Friday carrying 950 passengers and 550 crew.

800 Australians, including 200 Western Australians, are on board the ship.

Also, 109 New Zealanders are on board.

In a statement, Mr McGowan instructed “All Australians, including the West Australians, will be immediately transferred to Rottnest Island for 14 days of self-isolation.”


“In the last two days, we have cleared the island of visitors and made arrangements for accommodation, catering and security. We’re exercising the Rottnest option now.”

For the remaining international passengers – all internationals will be kept on board and will only be removed and allowed off when safe and secure transport can be arranged to transfer them to their home country.

Mr McGowan is taking no risks to ensure the safety of WA residents and that these cruise ships don’t increase the risk of exposure within the community.

“I will not allow what has happened in Sydney to happen here in Western Australia.”

Rottnest Island ferry companies will be engaged to transfer small groups of passengers to the island where they will begin their 14-day isolation.


For those that aren’t sick and are able to stay safe from infection – 14 days in Rottnest Island is not a bad way to rest and relax given the current situation.

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