A new icon for Perth - Scarborough Pool at Scarborough Beach, Western Australia.

Scarborough Pool – everyone in Perth is excited for the new Scarborough Beach Pool

The people of Perth have spoken. We’re ready for some laps of the new Scarborough Pool at Scarborough Beach this Summer.

The $25-million Scarborough Pool development, right next to one of Australia’s most famous beaches, is due to open this Summer after 4-years of planning and construction.

Scarborough Beach Pool is ready!

The 8-lane, 50-metre beach-side pool is located south of the iconic Scarborough beach amphitheatre.

A second 25-metre, 4-lane pool is also complete.

The pool is funded by local, State and Federal government grants.

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Interestingly, the Scarborough Pool is Geothermally heated – tapping into the warmth of mother Earth below.

The renewable energy system will save 1,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere, and an estimated half-a-million dollars in energy bills for the City of Stirling.

The big lap pool is heated to 27°C, while the 25-metre leisure pool is at 32°C, all-year-round. Oh yeah….

The pool opens in 2018. We can’t wait.

Scarbs Pool Highlights:

A 200-seat grandstand and spectator areas for competition viewing and relaxing.

A spacious surrounding promenade with open-air seating areas and 600m² of space for future entertainment outlets.

A large kiosk open to pool users and beachgoers – operated by Cocolat cafe.

Adjoining recreation areas with shaded areas and family-friendly zones.

Night-time use with extensive lighting.

The City of Stirling has filled up the pools and it’s nearly ready for the people of Perth to enjoy. The people are excited, with So Perth dropping Instagram photos of the pool on Saturday afternoon, thousands of people had shared and commented on their excitement within moments.

Time lapse of the new pool thanks to Scarborough Beach Pool, City of Stirling.

Artists impression of the new pool at Scarbs

Scarborough Pool Artist impression from 2014

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