10 Ways West Coast Eagles are Better Than Fremantle Dockers

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10 Ways West Coast Eagles are Better Than Fremantle Dockers

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Just as the season is about to kick off I thought I would cover 10 ways the West Coast Eagles are better than the Fremantle Dockers

As an avid West Coast supporter and I could easily list more than 10, but to be honest I am an overall football fan and respect all teams – giving credit were credit is due.

In saying that though here are 10 reasons why the Eagles are better than Freo.

1. JK

The number one forward in the league last season and that was with only one good arm. JK is the spearhead of the potent Eagles offense, something that Freo hasn’t had for… well a long time. But is it a coincidence that JK elevated his game to the next level once he grew his beard?


So maybe it is all just in the beard and Pav needs to grow a beard to help Freo kick more goals?

2. The Eagles Web

Watch the video above for a comparison of Freo and West Coast defensive game plans.

Freo in previous seasons have had a more man on man approach for defence, however it was the evolution of the ‘Eagles Web’, which had the league talking. The Web has the Eagles players covering space as oppose to the man. Once the Eagles get the ball they are then able to break free and run forward in numbers, creating a far more effective defensive and offensive game plan. What will Freo do this year?

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3. Nic-Nat


Sure Freo have the man mountain Sandilands, but even he is no match for the leap of Nic Nat. Plus Nic Nat’s pressure and ball skills put him ‘leaps’ and ‘bounds’ above Sandilands as a better overall player.

4. Uniform


West Coast Eagles don’t wear purple.

5. Offence


West Coast Eagles predominately have 5 regulars in their forward line – JK, JD, Lecca, Cripps and Hill compared to Freo’s Pav, Tabenar, Ballantyne, Walters and Mayne. Big advantage West Coast, plus what will happen once Pav retires?

6. McGovern


Just like Adam Hunter in the mid 2000’s West Coast have a versatile big man in McGovern. He is now considered an elite fullback but with Big E back, McGovern can pinch hit in the forward line this season. So you can now add McGovern to the powerful West Coast Eagles offence listed above, good luck defending JK, JD and McGovern.

7. Champion Club

John Worsfold and Eagles coach Michael Malthouse hold up the Premiership Cup during the winners presentation after the 1992 AFL Grand Final between the West Coast Eagles and the Geelong Cats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Sure West Coast didn’t put up much of a showing after the fist 5 minutes in the Grand Final (have to lose one to win one), but they still have 3 Premierships to their name to go along with 6 Grand Final appearances. Freo have only been to 1 Grand Final and might not make it back there for a while if they don’t get there this year or next.

8. Age

Liam Duggan of the Eagles runs with the ball during the 2015 AFL Round 08 match between the St Kilda Saints and the West Coast Eagles at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne on May 23, 2015. (Photo: Darrian Traynor/AFL Media)

How many players age 30 and over do the Eagles have? The answer is 2, with Priddis (31) and Butler (30). It’s safe to say that Priddis game isn’t influenced by his age as he has never been a break the lines, explosive, speedy midfielder – so he will have a few star years left in him. For Freo however they have 4 vital players aged 30 and over with Johnson (31), Mundy (30), Pavlich (34) and Sandilands (33). These 4 players make up the majority of Freo’s core, which could spell disaster this season and the following seasons as it is hard to replace spine players.

Because of Freo’s elderly statesmen, West Coast overall have a younger list with more guys in their AFL prime than the Fremantle Dockers.

9. Gaff


Gaffy Duck stepped up big time last season and took his game to the next level. For a long time Stephen Hill was the envy of West Coast supporters with his run and left foot. Now though I think it is fair to say Gaff has eclipsed Hill within one season and it’s scary to think just how much better he can get.

10. Adam Simpson


While Ross Lyon has turned Freo into a powerhouse, Adam Simpsons has done the same nut with a list that no one in the industry rated at the start of last season. As we saw with the Eagles Web, Adam Simpson has implemented an attacking style of footy, but at the same time put importance on team defence. This had made West Coast one of the best offensive and defensive teams. Freo however are known as a defensive first team that struggles to kick goals. Think I am making this up? In 2015 the West Coast Eagles outscored Fremantle by 473 points over the season, while Freo’s defence was only 8 points better than West Coast’s.

Now I will wait for the reply from Tweet Perth staff who are Freo supporters to write why Freo are better.